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India is a land that has seen many a warriors, kinds fight for the honor and glory and even falling down in the pursuit. It has witnesses the rise and fall of great empires and dynasties which have had a great impact on the culture and traditions of this country. India has the honor of being home to the first ever known civilization to have emerged in the history of the entire human race. The Indus Valley Civilization that budded and prospered on the banks of the Indus River in the northern part of the country has been recognized as the earliest signs of any civilizations in the history of the human race. The architectural remains in Harappa and Mohenjodaro have become renowned world over and have been a sense of pride for the country.


Apart from this, the Indian history has a lot to offer. If any one who is interested in legends and stories of warriors and their valor and glory, India would provide him with ample examples to satisfy his wants. In the North, there were the kingdoms of the Rajputs, who had been known for their great respect and honor as well as bravery.Rajputs were chivalrous and great warriors who had resisted many a conjurers successfully. Amongst the most famous of these accounts is the battle between Porus and the famous Greek conqueror- Alexander the great. One thing that still holds true for India is actually very interesting. This land has seen many a conquers and aggressors marauding it and making it their own territory. But none has been able to hold it up for a long time. Be it the Mughals or the British or any other aggressors, all had been showed the way back home.

Apart from the various dynasties and kingdoms sprouting up and tasting dust in India, the land has also been the home to many a modern day religions and faiths.Gautam Buddha, before he became what he is known as, lived in India as the prince and heir of the throne to a major kingdom. He spread the knowledge he attained through various means in this land and this led to the birth of one of the major and the most followed religions in the whole world – buddism.Other religions like Sikhism and Jainism also have their roots in the Indian mainland.However, the most commonly followed religion in India is Hindism,that has been founded and preached by various sages and saints in this land only.Thus,India is truly a land of great religious diversity and has been a home to people following all sorts of religious practices and traditions, that in turn make the Indian heritage much more richer.

The Indian history has lots to offer, be it in terms of the legends and fables of kings and queens who governed this land, monuments and structures built by these kings signifying the glory of their own reign, ancient inscriptions that provide the fundamental basics to all the modern day subjects like mathematics, medicine and astronomy, or the huge amount of different languages spoken and written in .Thus, whatever maybe your interest or liking, the Indian history does not disappoint.

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